Disciplemaker's Tool Kit

Simple tools for facilitating big transformation in your ministry.


The Disciplemaker's Toolkit provides essential foundations for walking a person into a transformed life as a disciple of Jesus. These tools are designed to be easily reproducible on the back of a napkin, or wherever you find yourself in the trenches of a disciplemaking relationship.

Don't be the Big Box Hardware store employee recommending tools he has never used
The emphasis of these simple tools is on obedience, shared in genuine relationship. The best way to fluently share these foundational concepts is for you to work through them personally, testing them and adapting them to fit your context. And then, pass them on to others who will one day pass them on to others.

This is not a curriculum.
We all want to grow as disciplers. Most think in order to do so they need a new curriculum when what is really needed is a tool kit.

Like a good toolbox, each of these disciplemaking tools have a particular purpose in the development of disciples. Remember, the goal is not mere information transfer but competency in being and making disciples in everyday life. Therefore, use these tools with wisdom and patience.

Challenge those you are training to not only use them but also to pass them on to others that they have come alongside.

What's included?

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UP-IN-OUT: Following Jesus through three critical relationships
Up-In-Out Guide
148 KB
Up-In-Out Video
10 mins
HOUSE: Building Our Lives on the Rock of God's Word
House Video
9 mins
House Guide
215 KB
HEXAGON: Learning to Talk and Listen to God
Hexigon Guide
181 KB
Hexagon Video
14 mins
LIFE DRIFTS: Recognizing Life Drifts & Embracing the Gospel
Drift Triangle: Guide
185 KB
Life Drift Video
17 mins
ICEBERG: Recognizing and Responding to the Kairos Moments
Iceberg Guide
167 KB
Iceberg Video
13 mins
DIAMOND: Listening with Gospel Ears
Diamond Video
14 mins
Diamond Guide
186 KB
3 CIRCLES: How to Share the Gospel Clearly and Naturally
3 Circles Guide
1.98 MB
3 Circles Video
8 mins
HIGH FIVE: Tangibly Expressing the Overflow of God's Love
High Five Video
11 mins
High Five Guide
186 KB
PERSON OF PEACE: Cooperating with God in Your Relational Sphere of Influence
Person of Peace Video
16 mins
Person of Peace Guide
703 KB

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