Youth Ministry Road Map

Develop Strategy and Structures to Multiply Disciples

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Helping leaders build simple and intentional structures which support and realize their ministry's disciple-multiplying vision.

This training will help you:
  • Understand the unique culture of your local ministry context
  • Clearly define your ministry goal
  • Understand the key ingredients to building ministry structure
  • Assess and refine ministry programs
  • Develop calendar rhythms

Or purchase just the modules you need for $10 each:
  1. Spinning Your Wheels
  2. Terrain
  3. Destination
  4. Mile Markers
  5. Vehicles
  6. Tuning the Engine
  7. Mastering the Turns

What's included?

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Complete Manual
6.1 MB
4 mins
Module 1: Spinning Your Wheels
Spinning Your Wheels: Why Does It Feel Like You're Not Getting Anywhere?
731 KB
Road Map - Module 1
8 mins
Module 2: Terrain
Terrain: What's Unique About Your Cultural Context?
1.16 MB
Road Map - Module 2
8 mins
Module 3: Destination
Destination: Where are you taking students?
712 KB
Road Map - Module 3
10 mins
Module 4: Mile Markers
Mile Markers: What are the common steps to maturity?
651 KB
Road Map - Module 4
13 mins
Module 5: Vehicles
Vehicles: How do your programs help get you where you want to go?
977 KB
Road Map - Module 5
10 mins
Module 6: Tuning the Engine
Tuning the Engine: How do you fine tune your ministry vehicles with disciplemaking priorities?
756 KB
Road Map - Module 6
9 mins
Module 7: Mastering the Turns
Mastering the Turns: How can you make your ministry calendar work for you?
1.64 MB
Road Map - Module 7
15 mins

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